You get Fat, not your Favorite Athlete or Celebrity

The media wants us to believe that we can get away with eating anything and still be in top form. This is how fast food restaurants persuade so many people to eat their high-caloric junk food that even flies won’t touch. The more presumably fit people they can get into the fat club, the better odds of financial success for their company.


Good Rappers VS. Bad Rappers

For the uninitiated, rap music is a medium for freedom of expression that is very relatable at times. Lyrics are often controversial in nature, such as violence, but are used often to drive the point home. A lot of the time, rappers speak of violence in their songs to reflect on the struggles that they have endured. This in turn brings light to the horrible situations that go on around us. It is a medium of activism rather than a medium of gratuitous violence when used right.

Subliminal Toxicity

One of the main marketing tools that big businesses use is subliminal messaging. Sooner or later, through the viewing of enough TV programming, listening in on radio, or being exposed to enough advertisements around town, you will be subjected to hidden messages which are meant to pass below the radar of our regular perception.

50 Shades of Media : Pain and Pleasure

For anyone with the viewpoint of a media apologist, I would strongly suggest that you log your media consumption and make the same media analysis that I did. It should include the psychological, physiological, and emotional effects that media provokes you to undergo. You too will discover that media plays more of a significant role in your life than you initially gathered. It shapes everything that makes you the person who you are today, whether or not you are completely aware of it.