You get Fat, not your Favorite Athlete or Celebrity


Is there a bigger contradiction than having pro athletes and celebrities advertise fast food?  Does the media really expect us to assume that professionally trained people whose market value is the function of their body eat junk food all day? Well?

I’ve been stuffing my face my whole life and I can tell you that I have zero heisman trophies as of now.  



The media wants us to believe that we can get away with eating anything and still be in top form. This is how fast food restaurants persuade so many people to eat their high-caloric  junk food that even flies won’t touch. The more presumably fit people they can get into the fat club, the better odds of financial success for their company.

“When you eat a high fat diet, you generally get fat but media creates illusions that we easily swallow (pardon the pun.) We want to eat like Eugene [who is a fat man] and still look like Paris [Hilton], so we’re vulnerable to the fantasy that media producers sell us. “(Dill, 2009, p.150)



Not a single curve on her and she’s stuffing her face with burgers the side of her head? I can do it, too!!


It’s no surprise that America is a thick one with a nice muffin top and  jelly rolls to pair it with.. More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese. (Sondik, Madans, 2012)

Oh sweet Jesus, have mercy!




In 2013, a study on 2,027 adults aged 18 and older, living in America concluded with 3 percent of the test subjects saying that they eat fast food every day. (Jones, Saad, 2003)

This is not helped by the fantasy perception, or sleeper effects that pro athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal,  Venus and Serena Williams, Lebron James, and many other notable athletes.  Why anybody would agree to back such a false belief is beyond me. Those celebrities should feel ashamed of themselves, but instead, they are laughing all the way to the bank.


Look at the big, artificial, brown-stuff-licking grins on these guys :

I wonder if their competitors eat  twice as much oreos as they do. Maybe that’s why these athletes can’t be topped.


As we all know, a professional athlete’s influence stretches long and wide across the entire country. To have them as a spokesperson for a fast food chain is equivalent to having a neo-nazi in charge of civil rights. You know you there is an immediate level in dishonesty concerning their level of initiation and the bull-honkery that they are trying to sell you.


Sometimes, your favorite athletes become the food:



If it isn’t obvious enough by, you should not eat an excessive amount of fast food at any given point. Do not listen to  the media. Next time you see your celebrity doing anything  for a big company, stop and think of how logical it could be if applied to your circumstances.



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