Subliminal Toxicity

The average consumer tends to deny what influences their decision of their purchases. Their ego will interfere with their ability to cope with the fact that there are products that are always shoved in their face. As Media Psychologist Karen E. Dill says, “When some media apologists passionately defend big business, what they’re really doing psychologically is defending their own egos by rationalizing behavior that they themselves are not comfortable with” (Dill, p23) Knowing this, it is easy to see how the masses  can be manipulated by large corporations.


One of the main marketing tools that big businesses use is subliminal messaging. Sooner or later, through the viewing of enough TV programming, listening in on radio, or being exposed to enough advertisements around town, you will be subjected to hidden messages which are meant to pass below the radar of our regular perception. I believe this is a form of brainwashing that should be put to an end.

What does this Fifty Dollar Rupees bill suggest we relate its country to? The palm trees suggest sex :


“Subliminal messages may be sent through text, images, or sound. Each form of media affects the brain by submitting a signal to the brain, which, over time, trains it to perform in a particular way. Generally, subliminal messages work by flashing the message quickly enough so “that the conscious mind [will not] pick up on it, but the rest of [the] brain has time to decipher.”  (Salpeter , Swirsky 2012, p504, vol 36)  This means there is no medium left untouched. If you are alive and awake, you are receiving subliminal treatment in your media diet without even realizing it.

In minor instances, there is a subtle sex approach at advertisement intended to entice people to buy more of a product.

See if you spot the extra incentive that Swensen’s ice cream threw in to their advertisement:


“Telephone surveys were conducted for 400 households and it was found that 74.3% of respondents were aware of subliminal advertising.” (Rogers, Smith 1993)  This research, conducted by advertising researchers in the 90’s concludes that the majority out of a few hundred people were aware of the fact that we were being fed more than they bargained for, yet we still have the same thing occurring in 2016. Could this have been a regional conclusion? I believe the results would be similar with a broader amount of people around the USA, seeing as how we all watch the same shows and listen to a lot of the same popular music.

George W. Bush ad against Al Gore  flashes the word”RATS”  at the most convenient time:


In my honest opinion, subliminal advertising is part of the problem with society at large.  We are too hardwired for sex, violence, drama, and the negative effects that fear evokes on us.If you control our appeal to those things, you control our psychological, physiological, and emotional afflictions that influence our decisions.  This in turn allows you to control our spending habits, party affiliation, and several other important life factors.


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